Chief Medical Officer Job Description

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Dermitrax Job Description - Chief Technology Officer: Dermitrax is currently seeking an individual for the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to assist and direct the development of Dermitrax’s core technology. This position is considered one of mission critical and as such would play an instrumental role in helping to build our initial product. Dermitrax is a mobile health application startup that enables patients with skin and cancer conditions to monitor and manage their long-term diseases while connecting their data directly to their primary doctor or practitioner. Our mission is to help empower both patients and doctors with access to more accurate data for condition management and prevention so that the gaps in medical records between visits can be mitigated. This helps to improve quality and effectiveness of care, measurable patient outcomes, and time and cost savings to both the doctor, patient, and insurance companies. The CTO should be proficient

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Revised 06/23/15 ST. DAVID’S FOUNDATION JOB DESCRIPTION Job Title: Chief Information Officer JOB PURPOSE The Chief Information Officer is responsible for providing vision and leadership for the development, integration and implementation of all technology initiatives for the Foundation, partnering closely with all Foundation-wide teams to ensure that deliverables and priorities are met in a timely manner. The Chief Information Officer supervises the Information Technology team, including the Director of Information Technology, Network Administrator and Help Desk Technician. RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Provide strategic planning and collaborative operational leadership to ensure the effective and efficient development, implementation and maintenance of technology resources. 2. Develop and execute a technology strategic business plan that supports organizational goals by fostering innovation, prioritizing IT initiatives, and coordinating the evaluation, deployment, and management of current and future IT systems across the organization. 3. Advise senior management on strategic systems integration in support of organizational goals and objectives. Promote

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Vega Business Services ul. Łowicka 25 apt. p1 02-502 Warszawa, Poland tel. 48 600 260 277 tel. 48 22 898 84 30 e-mail: JOB DESCRIPTION Resident Medical Officer (RMO) RESPONSIBLE TO: General Manager ACCOUNTABLE TO: Medical Director RESPONSIBLE FOR: JOB SUMMARY To provide a continuous on-site medical support service to meet the needs of patients, consultants and nursing staff. This includes emergency procedures and providing a general service to all clinical areas Principal Duties and Responsibilities Clinical Management of Patients • Complete a brief admission examination on each patient when appropriate and document clinical findings. • Attend ward rounds with consulting staff, as required, and be available to discuss patient treatment plans. • Provide a 24-hour medical service within the hospital on an on-call basis permanently. • Inform admitting consultants of changes in medical condition of patients and of relevant action taken. • Follow the instructions of consultants

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Chief Technology Officer Job Description About Six Capital Six Capital is a pioneering company leveraging on game-changing technology advances and innovations and paradigms to disrupt and/or enable existing industries and businesses to give individuals access to new forms of breakthrough value-creating opportunities. Its unique business model currently harnesses innovative methods of value co- creation, crowd-sourcing power, digital engagement, data analytics and collaborative ecosystems across the fields of currency trading, alternative investments, healthcare, education and social enterprise. Job Description As Chief Technology Officer of Six Capital you will be responsible for the building and leveraging the company’s technological assets to create unique value, especially those which involve global joint ventures and collaborative agreements. Responsibilities: • Manage all internal and external stakeholders • Coordinate the communication with external and internal stakeholders • Create technical specifications, test plans, documentation • Build and manage project schedules based on product requirements, technical challenges, tooling lead-times

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  Job  Description:  Chief  Operating  Officer     Dear  Potential  Member  of  Our  Team  &  Community,       We  are  honored   that  you  are   interested   in  a  position  on   the   leadership   team  at  our  school  and  as  a   founding  member   of   a   national   charter  management   organization.  We   believe   that   all   of   us   should   pursue  professional  passions  that  fill  our  lives  with  meaning  and  joy.  We  look  forward  to  working  with   you  to  uncover  whether  this  position  is  right  for  you.       Overview:     Montessori   For  All   endeavors   to   open   and   lead   free,   high-­‐performing,   authentic  Montessori   schools   that  partner  with  families  to  help  children  in  diverse  communities  reach  their  extraordinary  potential   academically,  intellectually,  emotionally,  socially,

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Crafting Job Descriptions: Chief Operating Officer (COO) At smaller advisory firms, including those that are just getting started, individuals often wear many hats, meaning they must take on multiple roles and responsibilities within a firm. While resources may be limited, structuring your business this way leads to inefficiency, creates unnecessary stress for team members and limits growth, reducing the business’s ability to reach its potential. Clearly defining each person’s roles and responsibilities and then matching the right person to those roles is critical to the long-term success of your firm. Once you have defined the roles and responsibilities for each position, you next need to craft a specific job description for those roles where you will need to hire a new resource. By identifying the specific activities that the individual will be required to execute, you can establish both a functional job overview as well as a more detailed description

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POSITION DESCRIPTION: Chief Operating Officer Founded in 1999, Friends of the High Line (FHL) is the non-profit organization responsible for the creation of the public space on the High Line. Following the successful opening of the High Line’s first section in 2009, and its second section in 2011, FHL is now responsible for raising virtually all of the High Line’s annual operating budget, as well as overseeing the High Line’s maintenance, operation, and public programming, pursuant to a license agreement with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation. With nearly 5M visitors anticipated in the current year, FHL works to maintain and operate the High Line at the highest levels of excellence, commensurate with its world-class design. FHL continues to broaden its goals and implement plans and programs rapidly. While currently in the midst of a successful capital campaign, FHL is managing construction of the northernmost half-mile section

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Information Technology Services Roy Hall, Room 200 Natchitoches, LA 71497 Telephone: 318.357.5594 Fax: 318.357.5745 Position Description: Chief Information Officer OVERVIEW: The Chief Information Officer (CIO) will lead the university’s ongoing commitment to support and promote the strategic use of information technology that advances the overall mission of the University. Reporting to the President, the CIO will lead and manage the Information Technology Services division, including academic and administrative computing, networking, support services, classroom and instructional technology, programming services, and telecommunications. The CIO serves as the principal technology leader for the university providing the vision and leadership for developing and implementing information technology strategies and initiatives university-wide. The position scope is inclusive of all university divisions and campuses. This necessitates a high level of familiarity with the various constituents and a commitment to meeting the diverse information and communications needs that exist across all university departments. The CIO is responsible for

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JOB DESCRIPTION Security Officer Department Porters Lodge Line Manager Head Porter ROLE The role of a Security Officer at St Paul’s School and Colet Court Preparatory School covers a wide range of tasks including implementing and acting on emergency and safety procedures, car park management, the implementation of health and safety and other tasks. The Security Officer will often provide the first impression of the School and therefore it is critical that he/she is always professional, diplomatic, authoritative and dresses appropriately for the role. The day to day tasking of the Security Officer will be the responsibility of the Security Supervisor through the Head Porter. The St Paul’s School Security Officer’s general location of work is normally within the confines of St Paul’s School but on occasions he/she may also be asked to attend other properties that belong to School. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES By the nature of the responsibility, the

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CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Job Description Definition Reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chief Operating Officer (COO) provides overall management and oversight of Member Services, Claims Management, Provider Network Management and the management of outsourced services. This position has overall responsibility for policy development, program planning, fiscal management, administration, and operation of assigned Plan functions, programs, and activities. The position assists the CEO in implementing the organization’s strategic goals by partnering and regularly interfacing with the Chief Medical Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Health Services, Quality Improvement, Government Relations and Information technology. Major Functions and Accountabilities Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:  Responsible for managing relationships with outsourced vendors to include claims, member services, IT and case management.  Manage and oversee provider contracting and provider relations.  Reviews plans and budgets of assigned departments monthly and as part of the annual planning and